We work with composers whose musical affinities will be best suited for your project.

Vanessa Giangrande

is the creator of Mangata music. Used to music needs in film post production processes as former editor herself, she decided to move her career towards music in 2019. After making a few tracks for fashion films, she decided to build her own company to fully dedicate herself to composition. She also is the creator of electro pop project Persha which songs Mesmerizing and Release the pressure were synched on cinema and Netflix feature films.

greg carré

Greg Canone

is our « Indus rock » specialist. He composes tracks and jingles for television. Leader of Feerkins, he also produces artists like Republic of Rock’n’roll, The Creature,  Blake Diamond or Dope out. Excellent guitar player, he never keeps away too long from stage and regularly tours with artists like Ginger Ale or more recently Luke.

Matthieu Imberty
specializes in writing music for ads. Creative and passionate composer, former guitarist of famous french bands No one is innocent and Melatonine, he is regularly collaborating with french artists like DVNO, Tales & Remedies or Travis Bürki. Over the past few years he composed and produced many TV/radio jingles for AXA, KFC, Super U, Pepsi, Auchan, Nespresso.